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Cornerstone Associates was founded and incorporated in response to the needs of the marketplace for improved value-adding recruiting & consulting solutions that are more cost effective. Not only do we want to provide excellent service, but we want to do it at a fair cost. There are extreme gaps in the recruiting & consulting industry. The gap between the large international corporate providers in retained search and most typical small contingency search firms is widening. This disparity in perceived value also surfaces between the large well known and expensive financial/management consulting firms when compared to most boutique consulting & staffing/temporary agencies. Cornerstone Associates was founded to fill these gaps for both small-to-mid sized companies and Fortune 500 corporations by providing the highest quality service coupled with outstanding value. We can fill the gap between your general lower-level "temp agencies" and the very costly large consulting firms and Big 4 type firms.

Our very experienced and professional team has years of valuable experience in the business world; both in recruiting and the fields in which they specialize. We provide quality retained search-like service without the high costs whether it is a retained search or a contingent search since we provide both to our client companies depending on the situation. Our contingency fees are very reasonable and our clients only pay for success. We also have the flexibility to customize our client's terms and arrangements based on the degree of difficulty, volume, use and exclusivity. We also conduct retained searches when requested or necessary. Cornerstone Associates truly wants to partner with our client companies to provide the best people for their organization whether it is for the CEO, VP of Finance, Sales Manager or an Interim Controller position. Cornerstone Associates is constantly anticipating and implementing resourceful recruiting strategies that not only keep pace, but lead the way in today's ever changing technology. We do not respond when we think we have a good candidate, we respond when our clients have a NEED for outstanding employees, managers or executives. Our goal is to create life-long customers.

If you are not convinced that you will get superior service and better human capital from Cornerstone Associates, then you have never requested our services!

We constantly strive to be Your Foundation For Success.

Here are some other reasons to use Cornerstone Associates for your next search or consulting need...

  • The employment market and economy as a whole continue to fluctuate. Our commitment to excellence in service and your success does not.
  • Improving productivity & efficiency is essential in today's economy and better people make better companies.
  • Time is more valuable than money, you can get more money & capital, but not more time.
  • If you don't know where your career or business is going -- any road will take you there.
  • Quality is everything in our business -- in hiring new employees, management & executives -- the customer is always right.
  • One wrong hire for a key position can cost small companies over $1 Million and large companies Multi-millions.
  • Our strong ties to the business community, key networking associations & incredible referral sources.
  • You truly 'get what you pay for' in the human capital & recruiting/consulting business.
  • We focus on your needs and expect nothing less than total client/candidate satisfaction.
  • CORNERSTONE ASSOCIATES is...Your Foundation For Success in Recruiting & Consulting